Stop Competing With Everyone Else. Focus On You

There’s competition in every aspect of life, particularly in ways such as how we’re perceived by others. Who has the best clothes, the best selfie, the best car, the best education, the best job, the best wage. Who cares? The sad thing is people always want to see others fail, and picking away at other people’s flaws and lack of some sort of material wealth is always an easy option.
I always remember when I worked for Concern Worldwide and a speaker came in to us about the 1000 days campaign we were doing. I loved how, at one stage, she pointed out how her experiences in various countries in Africa reminded her so much of the people here. And by that, she meant that the women do exactly what women here do. Bitch.
They bitched about husbands, they bitched about friends and discussed other people’s ongoing situations. They had their girlie chats and obviously they had cliques. So this shows worldwide, regardless of how much or how little we have, we as humans have a tendency to always gawk at the greener grass, and if one shred appears greener than our own, we do nothing but pick at it through bitching and gossip to make our greenery seem better to us and others.
The question is, who are we trying to impress? 
Think about it! Does it matter if someone is skinnier than us, has more friends than us, has a boyfriend/girlfriend, a higher qualification or job? Not in the slightest!
The person we should always try and surprise and impress is ourself, because they’re the one person we have a life long relationship with!
And do you know why?!
Because even though someone is skinnier, appears to have a great relationship, great friends, a car, an education and/or a job doesn’t actually mean anything. They could be in their relationship because they’re too afraid to leave the comfort of being with someone, they could feel intimidated and lack a real bond with friends who all probably talk more about each other than to each other, they could have a great qualification but no job or they could have a great job but live a million miles from where they want to be.
Competition happens when others are unhappy with their situation and envy the situations of others. But we never truly know what’s going on in another person’s life or how they feel about it. It could look good from the outside, but actually stepping into someone else’s shoes is a whole different experience. We should all be delighted that each day we are given the opportunity to open our eyes and see the day ahead of us, a chance to do something, start something or progress with something that could lead to bigger and better things for us.
True happiness, I feel, is not knowing what everyone else is at 24/7. And do you know why I’d rather not know? Because it gives me more time to focus on my own life rather than focus on what’s going on in yours.
Ignorance is bliss, and bliss is peace. Peace can only be achieved if we look towards ourselves, be selfish about our happiness.
Keep on loving life guys ❤
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