My Life is Inspired by “A Christmas Carol”

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“A Christmas Carol” is a classic, but what makes it so good? To me, I love how it makes Ebenezer so relatable. At some point we’ve all been blinded by work and/or money and have forgotten the people around us. Even now as I write this, I lean over and acknowledge Seany with a kiss. Because those around us are not here forever. We are not here forever. And “A Christmas Carol” highlights this simple but vital life lesson so well.

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I think the ghosts aspect of the movie echoes much that happens in modern life. When someone you know comes to warn you of your actions leading to negative consequences, most likely you don’t want to know. You’re your own person, so why should you take on advice from someone else? Whether they are a parent, friend, family member, anything, from my experience, automatically this advice goes in one ear and out the other, just like Ebenezer and the Ghost of Christmas Past in particular.

But becoming 26, I have seen such a drastic change in my view of learning from other people. If I listened to my mam when she told me not to date a certain guy or if I listened to my dad when he said I drank like a fish, maybe my earlier twenties wouldn’t have involved so many damaging relationships along with 3 stone weight gain.

However, these life mistakes need to be made in order for them to help you grow and learn as a person. I never would have learned that some guys can be unworthy of my time until I figured out “Oh yeah, he’s really crap” or by seeing my waist expand the more alochol I indulged in. Without those life experience I wouldn’t be so grateful for what I have now and unfortunately, there are things we have to struggle through before we understand the true learning from the experience.

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Ebenezer wasn’t the nicest man alive, but he was given a chance to see his behaviour and the way it affected other people negatively. Most people don’t get opportunities like that, ever. However, most people are very self-involved, detached from their true self and hide behind social media to make them feel life is great when really you’ve just spent all day in the house scrolling. Since deleting Facebook last year, this really evoked my mindset that much time is spent scrolling. Even now as I blog, I’m glued to Twitter and my computer. However, I’m aware of this and know I won’t do this all day. When I look back on my life, I won’t remember the day I spent typing, I’ll remember the day I went for a walk and saw a robin hopping from one branch to another. Actual experiences are the moments that form a life and the more I zone inwards, the more happiness forms around me.

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I know when I watch “A Christmas Carol” (the Jim Carrey one is the best!), it reinforces the reality I want to become a part of – Being aware of my presence in this world, that one day I will wake up and be 70 (hopefully!) and that every day is a blessing. If we could all wake up every day like Ebenezer does when he realises he has been given a second chance, imagine what a happy world that would be.

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But I’m aware many people live lives that they aren’t happy in, and this is the tough aspect. I can only speak for myself when I say I know I am in control of my life, but so are you. Quitting my job, living with Seany and his family, signing on the dole on Wednesday, life is becoming very simple for me. And to me, simplicity really does create happiness.

No more dread, stress, worry or doubt in myself. And when I watch this movie, I realise I am very lucky to be in the place I am right now. So I may not jump out of bed everyday, but I know for a fact that each day I wake will be followed by a big smile to greet the day ahead.

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How can you have a good day if you don’t feel good yourself? Make yourself the happiest ever. Do it for you. Most importantly, don’t listen to the opinions of people who drag you down. You know what will make you happy. And if you’re like Ebenzer and you’re motivated by business, success and money, make sure you’re humble towards those who have different values and beliefs. Whether they love nature, eating or selfies, know that that’s what makes them happy. If you can respect other people’s life journey, then to me, you’re the biggest success of all.

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I hope your day is filled with cosy socks, hot food and tonnes of choccie just like here 🙂

Merry Christmas! 🙂


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