About Me

I’m a 26 year old Irish girl aiming towards many things in life. Many things have failed. Many haven’t (yet!). As I sit here now, I have quit my full time job to spend my time doing things that I love. I will most likely spend some time not living by an alarm clock, eating, Googling and colouring in. So, as you can see, my life is already an abundance of excitement! Blogging will also give me a personal gateway to being more socially involved. I deleted my Facebook over a year ago and so blogging gives me a tool to express myself to others with similar mindsets rather than sharing to those who add me as a friend but don’t say hi in the street. (My reasons for leaving have been written about here in my previous blog).

I am the author of previously run Ordinarily Quirky found here and I decided to begin again. My old blog was very successful compared to my expectations of how well it would do (I didn’t believe anyone would read it!) which is why I can’t find myself to delete it. As I read back on it, some posts are cringy, some are funny and others I feel I would still write today. It was a part of my life journey from 2015-2016, and now I end 2017 starting again with my new blog: Ordinary Life Quirks.

The idea of spending my time documenting my thoughts, experiences and quirks to those who wish to read them makes this new beginning a very exciting one. I like to absorb inspirational and motivational concepts so many of what I write will be sourced from this.

As I like to say: “Life is anything but ordinary when you celebrate your quirks” 🙂




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